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EE2040 Circuit Analysis I 3 Tabrizi TR 925-1040AM  
EE2049-01 Electrical Measurements and Circuits Laboratory 1 Linker M 800-1030AM  
EE2049-02 Electrical Measurements and Circuits Laboratory 1 Linker T 600-830PM  
EE2440-01 Digital Engineering 2 Wang MW 800-850AM  
EE2440-02 Digital Engineering 1 Wang MW 905-1020AM  
EE2440-03 Digital Engineering 2 Ghaforyfard WF 150-240PM  
EE2440-04 Digital Engineering 1 Ghaforyfard WF 255-410PM  
EE2449-01 Digital Logic Laboratory 1 Lin F 800-1030AM  
EE2449-03 Digital Logic Laboratory 1 Kim R 600-830PM  
EE2450-03 Embedded System Programming I 2 Ghaforyfard WF 1100-1150AM  
EE2450-04 Embedded System Programming I 1 Ghaforyfard WF 1205-120PM  
EE2801 Intro to Biomed Engineering 3 Won/Raymond TR 1050AM-1205PM  
EE3000-02 Econ for Engineers 3 Daneshgaran, Akram MW 305-420PM  
EE3001-01 Numerical Analysis and Modeling Using MATLAB 1 Won T 800-1030AM  
EE3020 Signals and Systems 3 Tabrizi TR 1050AM-1205PM  
EE3040 Probability, Random Variable, and Random Processes 3 Tabrizi TR 1215-130PM  
EE3050 Electric and Magnetic Fields 3 Tabrizi MW 1215-130PM  
EE3209 Communications Laboratory 1 Palapa M 600-830PM  
EE3300-01 Electric Machines 3 Rad TR 925-1040AM  
EE3309 Electromagnetic Energy Conversion Laboratory 1 Fragoso T 600-830PM  
EE3445-01 Computer Organization (for CS students only) 3 Lim MW 140-255PM  
EE3445-02 Computer Organization (for CS students only) 3 Thomas MW 1215-130PM  
EE3450-03 Embedded System Programming II 2 Lin MW 600-650PM  
EE3450-04 Embedded System Programming II 1 Lin MW 705-820PM  
EE3709 Electronics Laboratory 1 Zhang R 600-830PM  
EE3710 Electronics II 3 Daneshgaran MW 140-255PM  
EE3810-01 Sensors, Data Acquisition, and Instrumentation with application to Biomedical Engineering 2 Won TR 210-300PM  
EE3810-02 Sensors, Data Acquisition, and Instrumentation with application to Biomedical Engineering 1 Zhang F 800-1030AM  
EE4130 Systems Engineering 3 Harris MW 430-545PM  
EE4200 Digital Communication Systems 3 Mondin TR 140-255PM  
EE4300 Introduction to Power Systems Engineering 3 Shahverdi TR 140-255PM  
EE4310 Power Systems Analysis 3 Abed TR 725-840PM  
EE4320 Electric Power Distribution 3 Rad TR 1050AM-1205PM  
EE4330 Power Electronics 3 Shahverdi TR 1215-130PM  
EE4400 Data Communications and Networking 3 Zhao MW 430-545PM  
EE4440 Computer Organization 3 Ghaforyfard W 600-845PM  
EE4450 Embedded Architectures 3 Lin TR 140-255PM  
EE4600 Control Systems II 3 Rad TR 850-1005PM  
EE4620 Modern Control Systems 3 Rad TR 600-715PM  
EE4689-01 Control Systems Lab 1 Fragoso F 600-830PM  
EE4710 Analog Integrated Circuits 3 Daneshgaran MW 305-420PM  
EE4810 Biomedical Devices 3 Won MW 140-255PM  
EE4961-03 Senior Design I 3 Thorburn F 200-340PM  
EE4961-04 Senior Design I-lab 3 Liu F 1055AM-125PM  
EE5130 System Analysis and Design 3 Karimlou MW 600-715PM  
EE5200 Advanced Digital Communications I 3 Mondin TR 430-545PM  
EE5230 Wireless Communications 3 Mondin TR 600-715PM  
EE5350 Power System Protection 3 Shahverdi F 400-645PM  
EE5630 Optimal Control Theory 3 Karimlou MW 725-840PM